Neither AffirmX nor its independent solutions sister company, AdvisX have direct relationships with Policy Pro or CU Policy Works.  Those solutions as we understand them, among others that are similar are templated policies that are provided in Word format to credit unions to adapt and adjust for their own needs.  While this can be useful, we are not aware that there is currently support for the customization of these policies from either Policy Pro or CU Policy Works.  However, AdvisX does offer consulting solutions to support the development of custom policies and procedures.  AffirmX, when requested may often be able to supply sample policies as well at no additional charge to our customers.


There is a change coming however.  In an attempt to continuously improve our solutions to our customers, AffirmX and AdvisX are collectively developing our own customized policy delivery solution leveraging technology and the cloud to improve applicability and save expense.  You will find this solution in the market with the next 12 months under the website   We are very excited about how the solution will serve our credit union and banking clients with customizable outputs and interactive guidance to help those who don’t know the latest changes, navigate comfortably through the process and produce a document they can trust is tailored to their needs and risk tolerances.


Policies are important but of course what causes the most issue is when we stray from adherence to the policies or don’t stay on top of changes.  It is recommended that you discuss with one of our compliance experts solutions for monitoring your adherence to policies and procedures.  It is also a good idea to visit for all of the latest news affecting the financial services industry much of which has an effect on your policies and procedures.