Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

Keeping up with regulatory compliance can be complicated, time consuming and costly for many types of financial institutions. Our platform helps you stay current with solutions that simplify compliance, save money and reduce pressure on your resources.

The AffirmX Risk Intel Center helps financial services institutions adhere to government regulations in a proactive and cost efficient manner through our unique, cloud-based platform.

The platform draws on internal data sources as well as multiple external industry data sources to help you revolutionize the way your organization audits and reviews its alignment with policy, strategy, regulation and community.

AffirmX Risk Intel Center combines an easy-to-use, query-driven interface with a secure, online system for document management, workflow, expert review and risk-based scoring.

Our portfolio of cost-effective solutions enables clients to prioritize risk management tasks and remediation by utilizing relevant and timely data to improve performance throughout the enterprise.

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