AffirmX Credit Union Division Acquired

FREDERICK, MD (Sept. 10, 2019) – AffirmX is pleased to announce the sale of its credit union division, AffirmX CU, LLC, to the key entities within the credit union community it has serviced for the past seven years. A combination of credit union state leagues and associations have combined to acquire a majority interest in the AffirmX GRC solutions sold to the credit union market.

“Led by the CU Solutions Group and including leagues from Maryland/DC, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Michigan, Texas, Indiana, Connecticut, and other existing resellers, we expect the AffirmX Risk Intelligence Platform to dramatically expand its customer base in addition to leveraging the expertise of our new partners to enhance service and product offerings,” said Kenneth Wolff, AffirmX CEO.

To ensure a smooth and seamless transition, AffirmX has been contracted to continue providing services to the credit union market. AffirmX retains a minority share interest in this market segment. AffirmX retains ownership of the patented AffirmX solution and will continue to provide enhancements for its bank and credit union customers.

“We couldn’t be happier than to be adopted and acquired by the leaders in the markets we serve. This is an example of such a circumstance,” said Wolff. “We expect great things for the credit union community through this collaboration.”