AffirmX provides automated
risk intelligence and regulatory compliance software solutions
for financial institutions.

AffirmX Risk Intel Center

The AffirmX Risk Intel Center was created to address the key challenges in enterprise risk and regulatory compliance for financial institutions. Traditional compliance solutions can become costly, especially as new regulations are introduced. Adding to your full-time staff or even outsourcing to on-site consultants can quickly increase your overall expenses.

Scalable: AffirmX Risk Intel Center, which is branded for your institution, can serve as an end-to-end risk management platform or function as a secure, automated environment for managing discrete audits and risk assessments. No matter how you use it, Risk Intel Center helps your institution reduce risk management workloads, anxieties and costs.

Proactive: Our unique regulatory compliance solution leverages the latest in cloud-based technology to pinpoint potential issues and connect you with the appropriate experts. Our patented technology aggregates data from multiple internal and external sources and utilizes self-assessment and automated risk-scoring to quickly and proactively identify the areas that need your attention.

Cost-effective: The nature of the system, such as the built-in push alerts and an innovative dashboard, allows us to distribute the workload efficiently throughout the year. This results in reduced costs and a more effective process for managing your compliance needs.