Client Testimonials

“We’re constantly searching for ways to increase efficiency and remain compliant. The AffirmX solution has unique tools that can help us do just that.”

~Debbie Connors, CEO, Money One FCU

“We used to spend 80% of our time searching for compliance issues. Now we have 80% of our time to resolve compliance problems.”

~Melia Heimbuck, Compliance Operations, Mountain West Credit Union Association

“The AffirmX platform has allowed our credit union to distribute the compliance workload effectively to the entire management team. Instead of just a couple of people managing compliance, each manager now understands and is accountable for their compliance risks and priorities. AffirmX has really helped us get our arms around compliance as an organization.”

~Bob Fryberger, EVP, Fitzsimons Credit Union

“We take compliance very seriously. The AffirmX solution will provide us with ongoing access to experts and sophisticated tools to help manage and monitor compliance in near real-time.”

~Pete Sainato, CEO, JFCU

“The AffirmX platform gives me a lot of confidence that my credit union is managing compliance, not just reacting to it.”

~Scott McNeil, CEO, Foothills Credit Union

“We’re excited about the power of AffirmX. Compliance is challenging for credit unions. This platform allows us to combine the best of technology with human expertise to help credit unions remain compliant throughout the year.”

~Melia Heimbuck, Director of Compliance Operations, Mountain West Credit Union Association

“We don’t know what we’d do without the AffirmX platform keeping us on our toes.”

~Marsha Tynsky, CEO, Trona Valley Community FCU

“With AffirmX we are actually able to stay on top of compliance without having to boost staffing levels which represents a substantial cost savings for us.”

~Joan M. Moran, CEO, Department of Labor FCU

“We’re excited about implementing the AffirmX platform. Our mission as a credit union is to guard our members’ financial freedom and we see compliance as a key part of that.”

~Lynn Haynes, CEO,167th TFR Federal Credit Union