pandemicAffirmX has long been the leading solution provider of compliance and risk assessment services delivered remotely. We pioneered the off-site approach to ongoing compliance services delivered remotely as a more cost-effective and efficient solution. But with the recent uncertainty surrounding the potential impacts of COVID-19, remotely delivered services make even more sense.

Being in the thick of a pandemic may not seem like a good time to review your financial institution’s pandemic planning component of your business continuity plan, it is actually a smart time to do so for two reasons: 1) there is nothing like real-world experience with a pandemic to gauge the adequacy of what for most of the industry has been largely a plan based on theory only; and 2) it would be prudent to assume that the adequacy of pandemic planning could come under scrutiny in your next regulatory examination. That the bank updated its pandemic plan during a pandemic could be seen as an indicator that management is responsive to shifting circumstances.

For a limited time, AffirmX is offering a free review of your bank’s pandemic preparation (a $495 value)* component of your business continuity plan to assess its compliance with the FFIEC’s recent FIL-14-2020, released March 6, 2020, in exchange for a 15-minute demo of our various remote solutions. Contact us today to set up your free pandemic review and demonstration at 1-888-972-3624 or

*This offer limited to banks and savings and loans. Offer expires 3/31/2020.

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