AffirmX was originally established to help financial institutions stay on top of consumer regulatory compliance requirements. Traditional “boots on the ground” models of consulting are costly in terms of both the utilization of company resources and the time and billing rates of senior consultants and their associated expenses. To solve this problem, we created a hybrid solution: patented technology plus experienced analysts.


AffirmX helps financial services institutions reduce risk management workloads, anxieties and costs through our patented Risk Intel Center platform. The platform draws on internal data sources as well as multiple external industry data sources to help clients revolutionize the way they audit and review alignment with policy, strategy, regulation and community.
AffirmX combines an easy-to-use, query-driven interface with a secure, online system for document management, workflow, expert review and risk-based scoring. Our cost-effective solutions enable banks and credit unions to prioritize risk management tasks and remediation by utilizing relevant and timely data to improve performance throughout the enterprise.


By bringing together management consultants, former regulatory examiners, attorneys, IT professionals, industry CEOs and audit specialists, we created a unique, patented approach to the most time consuming part of auditing–searching for potential issues. Through a significant investment in technology and the development of a new audit paradigm that integrates review, analysis and risk-based scoring by risk management experts, we helped clients cut through the busy work of finding and interpreting information that demands action.

Today AffirmX has become an industry-leading risk management and compliance services provider by presenting clients with the prioritized, relevant and timely information they need to lower the cost of proactive risk management. We provide compliance tools for credit unions and banks that reduce the costs, workloads, and anxieties associated with regulatory compliance.