What is the AffirmX Risk Intel Platform

If you’ve ever wondered what makes the patented AffirmX Risk Intel Platform different than anything else out there, you owe it to yourself to take the next 3 1/2 minutes to see what this revolutionary tool can do for your financial institution. 3:23. (Non-YouTube version here.)


Introducing STARS, an AML Monitoring Solution for Smaller Financial Institutions

Introducing STARS (Streamlined Transactional Analytics Review Solution), the right-sized AML monitoring solution for smaller financial institutions from AdvisX. More info at http://advisx.com 5:02.


Get a Better Night’s Sleep with the AffirmX Solution (video)

It seems that most compliance solutions are not only expensive, but end up just piling more work on financial institution employees. In this video, AffirmX’s Jane Pannier describes how the AffirmX solution reduces the anxieties, workloads, and costs associated with compliance. 10:00. (Non-YouTube version here.)


Invest in AffirmX (video)

What makes AffirmX an attractive investment. (9:06)


The Power of Partnership (video)

The benefits of partnering your league with AffirmX and AdvisX. (5:01)


Risk Watch Promo (video)

What is the Risk Watch series?  (1:25)

CPAMS: Customer Profile and Activity Monitoring Solution (video)

Overview of the Customer Profile and Activity Monitoring Solution from AdvisX. (2:51)

MPAMS: Member Profile and Activity Monitoring Solution (video)

Overview of the Member Profile and Activity Monitoring Solution from AdvisX. (2:51)

AffirmX Complaint Management Tool (video)

Overview of the Complaint Management Tool from AffirmX. (1:24)

AffirmX Overview Video (for tradeshows)

Non-narrated whiteboard presentation of the AffirmX suite of products and services, customizable for the sponsoring organization (in this case, MDDCCUA). (2:52)

AffirmX Risk Intel Platform CUNA 2017 (video)

Overview of the AffirmX Risk Intel Center Platform. (1:46)

AffirmX + PHEAA: A Good Fit

Overview of AffirmX services. (1:10)

How-To Videos

How to Use Risk Watch Central

Overview of Risk Watch Central features. (0:43)


How to Use Risk InboX Plus

Overview of Risk InboX Plus features. (1:11)


How to Use My ToolboX

Overview of My ToolboX features. (0:52)


How to Use AXU

Overview of AXU features. (2:04)


Using the AffirmX Complaint Management Tool (video)

Rachel Osborn demonstrates the AffirmX Complaint Management Tool. (3:33)


Using the AffirmX Vendor Management Solution (video)

Rachel Osborn demonstrates the AffirmX Vendor Management Solution. (7:35)


Using the AffirmX Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool (video)

Rachel Osborn demonstrates the AffirmX Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool. (3:21)


Using the AffirmX Fair Lending Risk Assessment Solution (video)

Rachel Osborn demonstrates the AffirmX Fair Lending Risk Assessment Solution. (2:05)


How To Upload Artifacts Using the New Coversheet Functionality (video)

Dennis Agle demonstrates how to upload coversheets for artifact submissions on the AffirmX platform. (4:08)


How to Use the Platform Messaging System

This video describes how to use the Risk Intel Center’s secure messaging system. (3:02)

How to Send Sensitive Information Safely

As a financial institution you deal with a lot of sensitive information, from customer or member names to Social Security numbers to account numbers. AffirmX wants to keep this data confidential—here’s how. (1:30)

How Your Artifact Score Is Created

This video answers one of the most common questions we’re asked: how we come up with your artifact score. (3:05)

The AffirmX Risk Intel Center Dashboard

This video describes each of the pieces of the dashboard. Keep in mind that not all users will see each piece, and some users may not have a dashboard at all. (3:23)

How the AffirmX Platform Works

If you’re new to the AffirmX Risk Intel platform, this video will provide you with a brief overview of how the platform works so you’ll know what to expect. (1:29)

How We Monitor Regulatory News and Changes

How AffirmX monitors regulatory news and changes. (2:19)

What Happens After Artifact Submission?

If you would like to know more about the process that occurs after you submit your artifacts and artifact cover sheets, watch this video. (1:49)

How to Prepare for an Approaching Exam

This video helps AffirmX clients understand what they need to do when they have an approaching exam. (2:06)

How to Use the File Vault, Library, and Global Calendar

This video describes what the File Vault, Library, and Global Calendar are and how to take advantage of their usefulness. (2:28)

How Overdue Artifacts are Handled

This video describes the process for handling overdue artifacts. (1:41)

How Incomplete Artifacts are Handled

If a client uploads an artifact, but it appears to be incomplete, here is how the AffirmX review team handles it. (2:32)


AffirmX Lite Overview Powerpoint

Overview of AffirmX Lite (15 slides, 15 MB)

My Risk Inbox

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.38.38 PMMy Risk InboX – Intro (PLAYLIST)

Introducing My Risk InboX, a suite of tools designed to help financial institutions manage their compliance efforts. Five My Risk InboX product videos totaling 5:30 played consecutively.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.46.00 PMOverview of Risk Watch Central (video)

An overview of Risk Watch Central, the complete library of Risk Watch compliance videos for financial institutions. 1:04.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.48.41 PMOverview of AXU (video)

An overview of AXU, the online compliance training program for employees of financial institutions. 1:16.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.50.36 PMOverview of My ToolboX (video)

An overview of My ToolboX, an ever-growing collection of helpful compliance tools. 0:52.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.57.00 PMOverview of Risk InboX Plus (video)

An overview of Risk InboX Plus, the fully indexed, searchable archive of the daily scans from the team at Risk InboX. 1:34.

My Risk InboX Overview (video)

An overview of the My Risk InboX suite of tools. (5:32)

How to Use MyRiskInboX for Beta Users

Overview of the beta version of My Risk InboX. (5:18)