In part 1 of this 2-part blog post, we rounded up the first five of our essential Twitter accounts for those with responsibilities for compliance and risk at their financial institutions. Here is our second group of five to round out our top 10 (for now, anyway).
Although the Twitter compliance community appears to be still in its infancy, you may want to follow these tweeters for matters relating to compliance and risk for financial institutions. They are in no particular order, and I plan to update this list periodically, so if you have suggestions for Twitter accounts that should be added to the list, please send them my way via dennis(dot)agle(at)affirmx(dot)com.

ABA Regulatory Policy

American Bankers Association Regulatory Policy staff is tracking news related to the implementation of Dodd-Frank, and who couldn’t use a little help tracking that? The account is fairly active, with an average of a half-dozen tweets daily to its 1,600 followers.
Recent sample tweet: 
ABA #DoddFrank Trkr: Senator Crapo Calls for CFPB Structural Changes 


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Twitter account is the least active on our list, but given the agency’s emphasis on consumer compliance issues, it is worth keeping tabs on. They aim their tweets primarily at consumers. Some days, they tweet nothing, but on a good day, they’ll sprinkle a few on their 30K followers.
Recent sample tweet: 
Our favorite thing is helping consumers. We’d love to be able to help a few more. How about a little boost to get us to 30,000 followers? [They got there. — Ed.]


The NCUA is an active tweeter, especially during its board meetings, when it may tweet several times an hour to its 2,700 followers. If NCUA isn’t your regulator, you may want to swap in the Twitter account of your regulator here (e.g., FDIC:
Recent sample tweet:
“I commend @PeoplesAdvFCU for creating Advisory Board to understand the needs of the underserved” Chmn Matz #NCUABdMtg

American Banker

  • URL:
  • Followers: 21,201
  • Activity: 10+ tweets per day

American Banker’s Twitter account keeps busy, sometimes eclipsing the 20 tweet per day mark to its 21,000 followers.
Recent sample tweet:
Lawmakers Fume Over Unanswered Questions to CFPB …


  • URL:
  • Followers: 1,745
  • Activity: 3-4 tweets per day

The Consumer Bankers Association Twitter account focuses on the industry’s connections to the consumer and small business market, with 3-4 tweets per day to its 1,700 followers.
Recent sample tweet:
Today’s QRM proposal will help reduce the cost of credit & make it more readily available to home buyers –  #mortgage