achauditThe annual ACH audit has long been a part of the full AffirmX compliance solution. As with other compliance areas, the institution’s ACH risks would be assessed, and a review would be scheduled accordingly, based on where it fit within the institution’s overall risk profile.
However, in response to requests from institutions seeking to supplement only certain components of their compliance programs, AffirmX has begun offering “debundled” components of its compliance services.
Among the first is our ACH Audit Solution, which is timely due to the pending annual December 31 audit deadline.
The debundled ACH audit solution will mirror the approach of our bundled ACH solution, in that it will consist of an initial questionnaire, followed by the electronic delivery of a series of artifact requests that may be uploaded to our secure online platform.
Once the artifacts have been received, AffirmX analysts will review them and prepare a report accordingly, communicating with the institution as needed to make sure the report is complete and accurate.
The use of the AffirmX cost-effective platform and analysis by off-site personnel allows us to offer these services at small-institution-friendly fee levels, beginning at only $750 for a Receiving Depository Financial Institution.
For a proposal or more information on AffirmX’s stand-alone ACH Annual Audit services, please contact Mike Lane at or 1-888-972-3624, ext. 7015.
In the meantime, here are two more ACH resources that may be of interest:

  • Top 5 Problems with Annual ACH Audits (this article, written by AffirmX’s Senior Analyst, Coppelia Padgett, appeared in CU Insight)
  • ACH Risk Self-Assessment (this free tool walks you through the process of assessing your ACH exposure)