AffirmX LiteHere at AffirmX we are dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in compliance news, tools, and tips. And, well, at the risk of sounding self-serving, sometimes the latest and greatest comes from the general vicinity of us. If you’re a very small institution with limited resources, but are looking for a tool that can help you keep everything compliance straight, we’ve cooked up something we’re pretty sure will be right up your alley.
Introducing AffirmX Lite — aimed at taking the guesswork out of risk management, AffirmX Lite will track your risk rating year round while offering management tools and guidance.
For do-it-yourselfers, AffirmX Lite is an entry-level version of the full-fledged solution that can grow with you. The system prompts you through compliance reviews throughout the year, offering guidance, tips, videos, and educational tools at your fingertips.
How does it work? AffirmX Lite will calendar out your compliance reviews throughout the year. The program allows you to easily customize your compliance review schedule to meet the needs of your financial institution. As reviews come up, AffirmX lite will remind and prompt you to begin the review, and then guide you through the review.

The Tools You Need

AffirmX Lite will lead you through compliances review with the following steps:

  • Notifications: AffirmX Lite sends you notifications when it is time to review your next compliance artifact.
  • Tools and Resources: The program provides you with a list of available tools and resources to help you conduct each review.
    Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.21.53 AM

    A few examples of resources available through AffirmX Lite.

  • Document Reviews: You can upload an artifact anytime for review by our team of experts, for those times when you are slammed or for those areas that would benefit from outside review.
  • Secure: What you upload to the secure file vault stays in the file vault for safekeeping. And to make sure it’s right where you need it when you need it, your documents are easily searchable with an easy-to-use search feature that allows you to filter and narrow your search.
  • Anywhere Access: You can login via any device, from your desktop computer to your tablet to your smart phone to keep up to date on everything compliance-related from anywhere you might be.
  • Helpful Alerts: Alerts will appear to keep you up to speed on new developments in regulatory compliance in plain English.
  • More Services: AffirmX Lite also allows access to other services through the platform including continuing education courses, compliance guides and tools, and the Risk Watch video series.
  • Summaries: The AffirmX lite program will also generate professional summaries and workpapers for compliance committee meetings, board meetings, and regulatory examinations.

AffirmX Lite was created with the everyday financial institution in mind. A reasonably priced tool meant to encourage an institution’s independence and strengths, but ready to fill in the cracks and help out wherever needed. Contact us for asset-based pricing information through your league or association, or directly at or 1-888-972-3624.