Imagine two scenarios. In the first, you fly to a beautiful, remote island for a carefree week at an exclusive and all-inclusive resort. You spend the week soaking up sun on the beach, enjoying fine dining, and snorkeling in the crystal clear water.
Now for scenario two. Same beautiful island, but this time, there’s no resort, no gourmet chefs, and no king size bed. In fact, there’s nobody but you. This time you’re stranded. Despite your circumstances, you’re still able to appreciate the beauty of the island scenery. But then you’re stomach growls, you realize you have no food, and that beautiful beach starts to look challenging and hostile. But not to worry. You’re a trained survival expert. As you take in your surroundings, you see tools, shelter, and food in what would simply look like rocks, plants, and trees to others. Your knowledgeable eye sees a host of resources in the land around you.
BSA/AML Systems users often find that what was once promised as a beautiful system proves to be sometimes a bit hostile. These systems, which are designed with the intent of detecting potential suspicious and/or outlier activity, can sometimes produce so much noise that nothing can be heard. The systems can seem more damaging than helpful. It is a frustrating position even when efforts to “fix” the system have proven less than successful.
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