One of our most-covered topics (especially lately) in our 130+ episodes of Risk Watch is consumer complaints and complaint management. We’ve brought these six consumer complaint episodes out of the Risk Watch Central vault (available through My Risk Inbox) to help you brush up on your complaint management at no charge for the month of October. Watch them here.

Risk Watch 135: State of Complaints

What does your state complain about and how much does it complain? A recent CFPB complaint report covers just that. Ken Agle of AdvisX breaks down the report and highlights important state-by-state complaint trends. Watch it here.

Risk Watch 131: What Older Consumers Complain About

The CFPB recently released a consumer complaint snapshot featuring complaints received from older consumers. To help protect older consumers from the harmful and growing problem of elder financial exploitation, Mike Stottlemyer of AffirmX shows you what your older customers complain about, and how you can best address those concerns. Watch it here.

Risk Watch 119-120: Consumer Complaints (Parts 1 & 2)

Since its release in 2011, the CFPB’s Consumer Complaint Database has received over 1 million complaints. These complaints reveal some key issues that could impact your institution. Ken Agle of AdvisX shows you what you can learn from these complaints, and how you can be better prepared to respond. Watch it here.

Risk Watch 98: Changes to the CC Rating System, For Better or For Worse

There are some changes heading your way regarding the Consumer Compliance Rating System. What are they and how will they affect your financial institution? Dennis Agle of AffirmX gives us the rundown. Watch it here.

Risk Watch 84: Effective Complaint Management

While receiving a consumer complaint is not a new phenomenon, the way financial institutions are expected to handle complaints is changing and is now becoming a focus for examiners and regulatory agencies. Julie Kappenman of Mountain West Credit Union Association describes the eight components of a sound complaint management process. Watch it here.

Risk Watch 15: Four Keys to a Strong Complaint Management Program

In this era of excessive information sharing, consumer complaints pose a greater risk than ever before. In this video, AffirmX Analyst Rebecca Drebin delineates four key points to developing and maintaining a robust complaint management program. Watch it here.
For more help with complaint management, AffirmX has developed a Complaint Management Tool to help you monitor and track complaints you institutions receives. For more information, watch the following video or contact us at